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Praetor Syagrius
Praetor Syagrius.jpg
Full Name Marcus Syagrius
Culture Roman
Region Frankland
Social Class Praetor
Land Owned Kingdom of Neustria
Gender Male
Father's Name Aegidius

Praetor Syagrius was the last Praetor of the western Roman Empire. Ruling from the city of Soissons in Neustria, in northern Frankland, he held his land until the year 485 when he was finally ejected.

Appearance and Personality[]

Praetor Syagrius has an imperious attitude - he views himself as the leader of the last remnants of civilisation in a barbarous era.

After his betrayal by Prince Madoc in 488 and his subsequent defeat of his army, Syagrius has become much darker and more violent. Though robbed from his chance for revenge by Duke Gorlois, Syagrius may still harbor fierce hatred for the dead prince and Uther Pendragon.


485: Syagrius is driven out of Frankland by the Frankish king Clovis and arrives in Britain to seek an alliance with king Uther.

488: Together with Prince Madoc ap Uther, leads a combined army of Britons and Romans to retake the fortified city of Bayeux. After the city was taken and looted, Madoc left Syagrius to face the wrath of the Franks by himself and what small forces were left to him. The Romans were soundly beaten.

489-490: Syagrius preyed on many of the family members of the Salisbury knights, capturing them for some purpose. His plot was discovered by Sir Reginald and Sir Lavender, who managed to escape from imprisonment.